My journey towards being a Wellness Coach started the day I became a Mom. I have three daughters and learned from them that our journey to wellness is a step by step process.  The desire to assist my family and myself towards better health led me to researching many types of alternative therapies.

The opportunity of working in and owning a private health food store presented a lot of learning experiences from customers, mentors and workshop classes. Receiving my Natural Health Consultant certificate  and the Natural Health Products Advisor certificate enhanced my growing knowledge of options available for better health.

Experience in working with a Pharmacist as a Pharmacy Assistant helped me appreciate the journey that many individuals experience.

Living in Meadow Lake, SK enhanced my understanding of helping people by working in a long term care facility providing meaningful daily activities. Taking courses from SIAST and completing the Certified Coaches Federation Certificate empowered me to begin my journey with Wellness coaching.

Currently residing in Airdrie, AB I am teaching Aromatherapy classes, and am available to assist you in your health journey!