Introductory Life Wellness Session: Free 15 min. Consultation

  • A background discussion
  • A big picture discussion, for example: what we can or cannot do
  • What you would like to achieve
  • Set up parameters, establish a partnership, discuss commitment and fees

60 min. Life Wellness Coaching Session: $65

  • Discover and Identify strengths and limitations
  • Choose a goal to work towards
  • Establish action steps to make towards the goal
  • Set up a time frame to meet the action steps as a method of accountability

Four 60 min. Life Wellness Coaching Sessions: $240 (pre-paid)

  • Create a clear vision and framework for your goals
  • Put your strengths to work for you
  • Identify gaps between "where you are now" and "where you want to be
  • Navigate life's roadblocks and obstacles
  • Seek clarity in relationships and goal achievement
  • Work on eliminating procrastination


"When I felt like my life was a little 'blah', Linda helped me come up with the steps I needed to take to bring the right changes into my life for peace and happiness.  I found my coaching session extremely useful to interpret my feelings and physical health into action steps that I could take to get back on track.  I was very impressed with Linda's sensitivity and openness.  Life changing!!"      -Anonymous